Increase Independent Living with Medical Monitoring

Increase Independent Living with Medical Monitoring

Spend a few hours visiting with elderly residents of a nursing home and you are quite likely to notice an interesting trend. Many will tell you that selling their homes and moving into the facility was the hardest thing they had ever done in their lives. Harder than raising kids; harder than dealing with medical emergencies; even harder than working through the difficulties of marriage. For so many people, moving out of a home they have known for more than 30 years is excruciatingly difficult.

Keep in mind the house is not the only issue for seniors. Many of them also cannot bear the thought of having to depend on children or professional caregivers for their day-to-day care. Losing one’s independence is just as devastating as losing one’s home. It can be so devastating for some it throws them into a state of depression from which they may never recover. That is no way to spend one’s golden years.

You Can Help Your Elderly Loved Ones

If you could allow your elderly loved ones to remain independent by installing an alarm system with medical monitoring, would you? If medical monitoring could give you the peace of mind you need to trust your loved ones to continue living independently, would it be worth it? At Freedom Alarm & Security , we believe the answer to both questions is “yes.”

We know how much Americans value independent living through every stage of life. After all, independence is this country’s foundation. When some members of our society get older, we should not necessarily expect them to be willing to sell the house and move into a facility at the drop of a hat.

Medical Monitoring Increases Independence

Thanks to medical monitoring from companies like Freedom Alarm & Security, your older family members may not have to sell their houses right away. As long as medical monitoring provides that safety net they need, most seniors can remain living independently for longer than we would like to believe.

Medical monitoring works like this:

  • A security system is either installed or upgraded to include a medical monitoring
  • Elderly occupants of the home are provided with medical alert pendants
  • Our state-of-the-art monitoring center stands ready to answer if the medical alert device triggers an alarm
  • In the case of an alarm one, of our trained personnel will speak to the home’s occupants over the loudspeaker system
  • The appropriate caregivers and first responders are notified

Medical monitoring is a way to help individuals with a variety of physical conditions including heart disease, diabetes, and the general instability of age. With medical monitoring, there is no need for the age-old scenario of falling and being unable to get up. Your elderly loved one does not even need to be near a phone during emergency. Just pressing the button on the medical alert pendant sends an alarm to our monitoring center.

Other Services You Can Add

In addition to medical monitoring, a Freedom Alarm & Security alarm system can also keep an eye on carbon monoxide levels and the potential of a structural fire. In each case, our monitoring center is immediately alerted when an alarm is triggered. Our trained personnel spring into action in order to safeguard lives and protect personal property.

The type of home security system you need depends on what you are trying to accomplish. Perhaps you have no elderly relatives living with you; perhaps all you need is a basic system with burglary monitoring, or you are looking for a security system on a limited budget. Regardless of your needs and goals, Freedom Alarm & Security can put together a system and monitoring package that is right for you.

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