Tips For A Safe Halloween


In just a few days, the kids will be dressing up in costumes and going trick-or-treating. In some cases, adults will be heading off to their own Halloween parties with friends and coworkers. It is the start of the annual holiday season that will see us all doing more things, going more places, and getting together with friends and family.

To start the season off right, here are some tips for a safe Halloween. If we all do our part, we can create a safer holiday for both kids and adults alike.

Costumes and Reflective Tape

Trick-or-treaters can be tough to spot when they are crossing the street or walking up or down a driveway. Make it easier by attaching reflective tape to your children’s costumes. Reflective tape is very inexpensive and can be found at local hardware stores. One roll of reflective tape will likely last you several seasons.

Flexible Costume Accessories

Some of today’s costumes call for props like swords, knives, and other potentially dangerous implements. In order to protect your children from accidental injuries, these accessories should be made out of soft rubber or foam rather than metal, wood, or plastic. The soft material is harmless in the event of a fall or careless swing of the sword.

Traveling in Groups

Whether your children are younger or older, it is always a good idea to travel in groups. Two or three sets of parents can better keep an eye on an entire group of kids then just one. And, of course, younger children should never go trick-or-treating without adults. Teenagers can go alone, but they should still travel in groups of four or more.

Caution with Jack-O’-Lanterns

Carved pumpkins illuminated with real candles – popularly known as Jack-o’-lanterns – are an American tradition. But they can be dangerous for both trick-or-treaters and adults. Be sure to keep them away from walkways and porch steps. It’s best to eliminate any risk of accidentally knocking one over and starting a fire, so place your jack-o’-lanterns on sturdy tables or plastic crates. If you plan to use one indoors, do not leave it unattended or place it near curtains or upholstered items.

Adequate Exterior Lighting

It is true that darkness does enhance the allure of Halloween, but it also can be dangerous. Protect all of your guests by making sure you have adequate exterior lighting on walkways, driveways, and porches. And of course, keeping your porch light on during the trick-or-treating hours is the best way to let families know your home is friendly.

Entering Strange Homes

Children should be instructed to never enter the home of anyone they do not already know. Trick-or-treating should always be conducted from the porch or walkway. Even as an adult, you should be wary of entering a strange home if invited by the homeowner.

Halloween is a wonderful holiday that kids enjoy tremendously. When it is also a safe holiday, kids create lasting memories they will carry with them for a lifetime. At Freedom Alarm & Security, we want to wish everyone a safe and happy Halloween. And remember, be sure to set your alarm system if you plan to go out for the evening. We will keep an eye on your property while you are out enjoying the evening.

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