Why Home Security Systems Deter Burglars.


A couple of different studies have shown that the presence of a home security system is a deterrent to the average burglar. For example, a University of North Carolina at Charlotte study shows that 83 percent of the 422 convicted burglars interviewed for the study would try to find out whether or not a home was alarmed before attempting to break in. Half said they would immediately abort a break-in attempt on discovering an alarm system; only 13 percent said they would not be deterred.

Statistical analysis makes it clear that home security is a burglary deterrent. Anything that increases the likelihood of being apprehended is something burglars would prefer to avoid.

Noise, Noise, and More Noise

If there are two things a burglar hates, it is noise and nosy neighbors. A burglar is willing to break a window to get in because it makes noise just once, and it’s done. A neighbor may be startled by the sound of breaking glass, but he or she will go about their business if no additional noise is heard. A home security system is different. It sets off an alarm that is long, loud and constant. It will attract nosy neighbors very easily.

Video Surveillance

Freedom Alarm & Security recommends video surveillance cameras be installed if they fit within a customer’s budget. Cameras act as deterrents in two ways. First, a burglar who sees cameras always has to consider that someone might be watching remotely. That could result in the police being alerted before any break-in attempt is implemented, giving the burglar even less time to do what he/she does.

Video surveillance is an additional deterrent by providing evidence that can be used for investigative and prosecutorial purposes. Recorded video can help identify a burglar and, after arrest, convict him or her in court. Moreover, because most burglars are petty criminals, they are not interested in a long jail sentence when there are so many easy houses to hit.

Faster Response Times

Burglars also hate home security systems because they usually lead to faster response times. For example, a monitored system from Freedom Alarm & Security allows us to quickly react to a burglar alarm, and be speaking to the local 911 dispatcher in under a minute. The burglar knows that he or she is on the clock from the moment their actions are discovered.

It is important to point out that maximum benefit is only achieved when using a monitored system. An unmonitored alarm does make a lot of noise, but that’s about all. A burglar who knows an alarm system is not connected to a monitoring center may be willing to take the chance if there’s reason to believe that valuables are easily accessible upon entry. Nevertheless, the opposite is also true.

When a burglar sees the logo of a well-known security company (such as Freedom Alarm & Security) on a lawn placard or window decal, they’re likely to think twice about the decision to burglarize a house. There may be other homes in the neighborhood that pose less of a risk.

One last tip: Don’t forget to set your alarm before you leave home. A home security system that is not set is one that cannot do the job it was intended to do. If you add home automation to your system, you can arm and disarm your system remotely using a smartphone or another mobile device.


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